AdSense Banned My Sites, What to Do?

I started a survey of ad networks after Google AdSense has banned my account. Suddenly they send me their typical mail about revenue that goes back to their publishers. You’ll never know why they did so, I don’t believe I did anything wrong, more or less 🙂 I had to have privacy policy etc., but many sites still operate without it. And my sites are not portals or shops collecting mails. Beware to comply to their politics, unless you have your account disabled , like me 😐

I thought there are many alternatives, but now I see Google’s big market share “in situ”. There are many networks left, but most of them are using Google feeds. It means, if AdSense disabled your account they will not show their ads thru their partners as well. Some use Yahoo and Bing feeds, but revenue from them is limited to countries where Yahoo has its local search and even less.

I’ll continue with my survey and will post results. For now the best article on what to do with disabled account is here.

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