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Add HREFLANG X-Default Tag to WPML Multilingual Site

Adding hreflang x-default language tag to sites that use WPML WordPress plugin for multilingual content. Continue reading

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Woocommerce Update from v.2 to 3 – Tips for Child Themes

Woocommerce version 3 introduced many changes. You can easily see changes on single product page image galleries. But there are many more changes under the hood.

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Randomize Predefined Colors for WordPress Theme Element

Randomize colors for any CSS selector in WordPress theme from your theme functions.php Continue reading

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Output Total Number of Locations from Store Locator Plus Plugin

Create a WordPress theme shortcode to show a total locations count from Store Locator Plus plugin. Continue reading

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Remove Google Fonts from Woo Storefront Theme

Dequeue Google font from WooThemes Storefront theme, which was included into it after last September 2016 update. You may also replace default Storefront font with another one from Google fonts repository. Continue reading

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Old Wacom CTE-430b With Windows 10 and Photoshop 2015.5 or Later

Enable old Wacom CTE-430 Sapphire driver on Windows 10 on new Photoshop 2015.5 and later with pressure functionality. Continue reading

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Making of Zendesk Custom Responsive Theme

Some highlights on making a custom responsive Zendesk theme. Zendesk templates could be customized with HTML, JavaScript and CSS. It is also possible to have multiple languages customization inside templates. Continue reading

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Enhanced Security HTTP Headers Addition

I’ve recently discovered an opportunity to add enhanced security via HTTP headers, as most big sites do. You can test your headers information with developer tools in any modern browser from the Network tab. There is also a good site … Continue reading

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Custom Transformer Rules Settings when Importing Posts from WordPress as Facebook Instant Articles

Eliminate errors caused by unrecognized HTML code when converting to Facebook Instant Articles formatting with FBIA WordPress plugin Custom Transformer Rules. Continue reading

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Remove Some Element From Site for Certain Screen Width with JavaScript / jQuery

I wanted to remove ads from my website for smaller screens as these ads are not responsive and I want to use other ads for mobiles. Here’s how to remove some containing element based on a screen width. Continue reading

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Arconix FAQ Plugin Customization for Better Speed with Autoptimize

Resolve problems with Arconix FAQ used together with Autoptimize minification plugin in WordPress. Continue reading

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Woocommerce: Remove One of Product Dimensions from Frontend

Remove specific products dimensions from displaying dimensions set of Additional Information Woocommerce tab and all other appearances of dimensions on front-end theme. In this case I’m removing the Height. Continue reading

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