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Masonry Gallery RTL Solution for Visual Composer – Page Builder

Now we can change Visual Composer masonry gallery layout for RTL site version without changing masonry script of page builder, that is not good for updates and not suitable to multilanguage LTR + RTL websites. Continue reading

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Randomize Predefined Colors for WordPress Theme Element

Randomize colors for any CSS selector in WordPress theme from your theme functions.php Continue reading

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Enhanced Security HTTP Headers Addition

I’ve recently discovered an opportunity to add enhanced security via HTTP headers, as most big sites do. You can test your headers information with developer tools in any modern browser from the Network tab. There is also a good site … Continue reading

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Custom Transformer Rules Settings when Importing Posts from WordPress as Facebook Instant Articles

Eliminate errors caused by unrecognized HTML code when converting to Facebook Instant Articles formatting with FBIA WordPress plugin Custom Transformer Rules. Continue reading

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Arconix FAQ Plugin Customization for Better Speed with Autoptimize

Resolve problems with Arconix FAQ used together with Autoptimize minification plugin in WordPress. Continue reading

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How to Add Accelerated Mobile Pages to WordPress Site

Accelerated Mobile Pages versions are pushed by Google with a promise of better search results ranking. They could be added relatively easily to any WordPress site with the help of official WordPress Automattic plugin. Here’s how to tweak them further on your site and to avoid validation errors in Google Search Console. Continue reading

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Remove Brackets for Category Counts On Woocommerce Storefront Theme Homepage

A code to remove brackets from your storefront homepage category products count display and some CSS to style it with background and rounded. Continue reading

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Adding Background Click Closing and Next Image on Image Click to Swipebox Lightbox Plugin

Add next image and closing the lightbox functionality to your lightbox Swipebox plugin. Continue reading

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New Responsive Images in WordPress 4.4 and How to Adjust Them to a Theme.

WordPress since version 4.4 has implemented responsive images functionality. Here’s how to adjust it to your custom theme. Continue reading

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No Editor Icons, Empty Editor Boxes, Problems with Featured Image Upload in WordPress Back-end Problem

I had a problem on some WordPress site’s back-end  with empty meta boxes, no icons in wordpress text editor, featured image uploading lightbox didn’t worked etc. Thank God, there is a solution.

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Best Plugin for WordPress Migration

All-in-One WP Migration never fails. It migrates all your data from one WordPress site to another empty WordPress installation within several minutes. Continue reading

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Add Missing .woocommerce Class And Other Classes to Pages Used by WooCommerce

When making modifications to WooCommerce I found some pages I made do not have a basic .woocommerce class, which is used in CSS. Such as some plugins pages and categories filtered by attributes. Here’s the easy way to add .woocommerce class to such pages. Continue reading

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