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Monetizing strategies with ad networks experience. Google AdSense domination leaves little space for other networks, especially for out of US traffic.

Remove Some Element From Site for Certain Screen Width with JavaScript / jQuery

I wanted to remove ads from my website for smaller screens as these ads are not responsive and I want to use other ads for mobiles. Here’s how to remove some containing element based on a screen width.Continue reading

Posted in Monetizing, Templates | Tagged | Leave a comment Parking Service is a nice and user-friendly domain parking provider with multi-lingual interface and multi-language templates. No minimum payout amount.Continue reading

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New Domains Parking Service

New domains parking service was created by Indian and several other services. People report a better revenue from this provider.Continue reading

Posted in Monetizing | Tagged | Leave a comment Affiliate Program

Affiliate pay-per-lead program seems to work only if you have US and some EU traffic on your site. You must generate at least some sales after free member signup in order to get paid. Otherwise you’ll receive no revenue.Continue reading

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AdSense Banned My Sites, What to Do?

I started a survey of ad networks after AdSense banned my account. I thought there are many alternatives, but now I see Google’s totalitarianism in action. Nowhere to go. Anyway have to find a good one. There are many networks left, but most of them are using Google feeds. It means, if AdSense disabled your account they will not show ads thru their partners as well. Some use Yahoo and Bing feeds, but revenue from them is limited to countries where Yahoo has its local search.Continue reading

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