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Fix Portrait Orientation iPad 2 Viewpoint Bug for 980px Width Site

Fixing strange bug on iPad portrait orientation when viewing a 980px width site: viewpoint is changes on some pages, resulting in different width on iPad. I found that it happens on pages with a short content. So we just adding a minimal height to the page. And now site’s viewpoint is the same on all pages on iPad when viewing them using the Portrait mode.Continue reading

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CSS to Specify Rules for iPad and iPhone

Special CSS rules can be applied to specific devices browsers based on a screen size.Continue reading

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User Agent Switchers Extensions for Firefox and Google Chrome

Must have User Agent Switcher add-ons for Firefox and Chrome browsers to check a mobile version of any site.Continue reading

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Why Drop-Down Menus Don’t Show on Mobile Browsers and iPad?

On iPad and iPhone drop down menus will not open on empty link of opening element in navigation. Put some link in it, and they’ll open as usual. Continue reading

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Why Is Button CSS Style Shown Differes on iPhone Safari Browser?

How to disable default mobile Safari browser styles on iPhone so they’ll be the same as on regular screen browsers.Continue reading

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Mobile Site Slideshows jQuery Plugins

jQuery plugins to make slider on a mobile site. Should use gestures, with touch swipe support.Continue reading

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Starting with Mobile Websites

I’m starting to develop mobile sites. Here’s a small collection of beginners links to start. Also a nice orientation application called ProtoFluid to check mobile sites size and dimensions.Continue reading

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