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Making Full Site Editing Block Theme for WordPress

In 2023 we have an option to finally work with full-site editing mode and to create a unique block theme inside WordPress’s new (Beta) Editor. I’ve started to make a new block theme for a multilanguage RTL website and write […]

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Popup Maker Plugin: Make Popup Stick to Screen’s Bottom in Safari

Popup Maker is a great and very popular plugin for WordPress. Very useful, i.e. to create a GDPR notification easily. Typically you’ll set up a cookie, attach a popup to the bottom of the screen, choose a fixed position and […]

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Get Blog Template Content Visible in WordPress

By default the content you add to a designated Blog page in WordPress won’t be visible on the front-end. The template called home.php will overwrite any content you input to the editor on that page. This could be changed by […]

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Updating to WordPress 5.6 for Blocks Based Theme Fix

I have a block-based theme using Gutenberg editor. After updating to WordPress 5.6 the editor window with a collection of full width blocks was pushing the sidebar out of editor page margins.

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Disable WordPress 5.5 Lazy Loading Image when Using wp_get_attachment_image()

Stop lazy loading in WordPress 5.5 for a specific image added via wp_get_attachment_imageContinue reading

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WP Bakery Page Builder and WPML Manual Translation Settings

WPML manual translations editing settings for WPBakery Page BuilderContinue reading

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Scroll to Enable Agree Button for Terms Lightbox

Enable Agree button only after terms and conditions text was scrolled down. Using JavaScript and CSS inside a lightbox, created with Popup Maker WP pluginContinue reading

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Modify Yoast SEO Breadcrumbs with Additional Item

Helpful snippets to implement Yoast SEO breadcrumbs functionality. Add a link to your last level breadcrumb. Or add a text item after the new link.Continue reading

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Minimal CSS Styles for prettyPhoto RTL Lightbox inside Visual Composer Page Builder for WordPress

Minimal CSS styles to make prettyPhoto lightbox compatible with Right-toLeft languages. I didn’t change button positions here, it looks ok even so. Continue reading

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Masonry Gallery RTL Solution for Visual Composer – Page Builder

Now we can change Visual Composer masonry gallery layout for RTL site version without changing masonry script of page builder, that is not good for updates and not suitable to multilanguage LTR + RTL websites.Continue reading

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Add HREFLANG X-Default Tag to WPML Multilingual Site

Adding hreflang x-default language tag to sites that use WPML WordPress plugin for multilingual content.Continue reading

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Woocommerce Update from v.2 to 3 – Tips for Child Themes

Woocommerce version 3 introduced many changes. You can easily see changes on single product page image galleries. But there are many more changes under the hood.

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