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Woocommerce Update from v.2 to 3 – Tips for Child Themes

Woocommerce version 3 introduced many changes. You can easily see changes on single product page image galleries. But there are many more changes under the hood.

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Remove Google Fonts from Woo Storefront Theme

Dequeue Google font from WooThemes Storefront theme, which was included into it after last September 2016 update. You may also replace default Storefront font with another one from Google fonts repository.Continue reading

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Woocommerce: Remove One of Product Dimensions from Frontend

Remove specific products dimensions from displaying dimensions set of Additional Information Woocommerce tab and all other appearances of dimensions on front-end theme. In this case I’m removing the Height.Continue reading

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Remove Brackets for Category Counts On Woocommerce Storefront Theme Homepage

A code to remove brackets from your storefront homepage category products count display and some CSS to style it with background and rounded.Continue reading

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Replace Woocommerce Breadcrumbs in Storefront Theme with Yoast SEO Breadcrumbs

Replace woocommerce storefront theme breadcrumbs with options-rich seo yoast plugin’s breadcrumbs without changing their design.Continue reading

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Replace “Read More” Text for Woocommerce Out of Stock Products Listing

After newest updates of Woocommerce it was hard to find how to replace texts on product boxes buttons on products categories archives. Finally I’ve compiled a code that works for Read More default text of Out of Stock items listing.Continue reading

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New Caching Plugin Gator Cache Compatible with Woocommerce

New caching plugin named Gator Cache found fully compatible with Woocommerce shop on Wordpress.Continue reading

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Change Woocommerce Lightbox Links to Another Image Size Link Instead of Full Size

Change woocommerce product page main image and gallery thumbs links to open a large or a custom size image instead of default full size.Continue reading

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Add Category Class to Body Classes of Woocommerce for Single Product Page

A code to include into a child theme functions.php – adding body class of a current category taxonomy term on a single product page on Woocommerce.Continue reading

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Replace “Add to Cart” Button in Products Category List With a Link to Single Product Page in Woocommerce

Change “Add to Cart” buttons on product categories pages in product loop to go to a single product’s page instead of adding product to cart functionality.Continue reading

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Add Missing .woocommerce Class And Other Classes to Pages Used by WooCommerce

When making modifications to WooCommerce I found some pages I made do not have a basic .woocommerce class, which is used in CSS. Such as some plugins pages and categories filtered by attributes. Here’s the easy way to add .woocommerce class to such pages.Continue reading

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Allow Markup in WordPress Category Descriptions

Simple code adds an ability to include HTML markup into category descriptions. A functionality disabled by default in WordPress.Continue reading

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