Mobile Site Slideshows jQuery Plugins

I finally found some slideshows plugins for mobile sites. This are supposed to have touch swipe support.

Both of them have well with touch swipe support. But the first one also works well on regular sites.

Will use the first one myself soon.

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5 Responses to Mobile Site Slideshows jQuery Plugins

  1. Mike says:

    Thanks man, am looking to do something similar- Flexslider looks pretty good although the image has to “land” before you swipe, which kinda limits scrolling backwards quickly to find something you saw previously but liked.

  2. Stoffb says:

    I can’t see the first example working in my iPhone… The second one works fine but is not as nice and the slideshow is quite slow… But I’ll try to implement both of them and see which one suits best… Thanks for sharing your knowledge, there are not that many interesting pages about Mobile Slideshow…

  3. Stoffb says:

    Working fine now…. Must have been a weird glitch somewhere!
    Sorry and thanks for your time

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