Newsletter Code and Design Rules to Avoid Multiple Email Clients Problems.

Here’re some simple rules which will make your email newsletter to display well in different mail clients.

  1. Many email clients will ignore everything on top of body tag including bodytag itself. Therefore:
    • Use no DTD (quirks mode)
    • Style sheet should be put below body tag
  2. Use tables for layouts and positioning. Use cellpadding and cellspacing in tables.
  3. Put all style data in inline style definitions of specific elements.
    • You may specify some rules in your stylesheet, but be prepared they will be skipped by many mail clients
    • Avoid positioning or anything not related to fonts, colors, background colors etc. They will not work.
    • No use of complex CSS rules, like
  4. Table and images in Outlook can’t be longer then 1728 pixels or they will clip at the bottom.
  5. Background images will not work, only background color can be used. And use it as bgcolor="red" html tag, where possible.
  6. Declare height and width for images.

Just imagine you are back in 90s – write your code and everything gonna be alright.

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