Bring Back Prestashop Product Page Dynamic Tabs in Default Theme for v.

Prestashop default theme doesn’t have dynamic tabs anymore. Previous Prestashop versions used to have them on product page. Don’t know why they have removed them…  But the JavaScript that made them work is still present in the theme, and is used in some other sections of the site. Though looks like it’s not the latest version of famous idTabs.  Here’s how to put them back to your site.
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Modifying Prestashop Languages for Facebook Page Plugin Module

Prestashop 1.6 Facebook Page plugin module present in default theme is outdated one. Facebook already changed its social plugin code. So I wanted to update it with their new “responsive” feature and to fir it in whole module’s area in default theme, which has 330px width, and Facebook wasn’t filling it from side to side. I also wanted to have Facebook widget to display in a current user’s language available on my shop.
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Adding Background Click Closing and Next Image on Image Click to Swipebox Lightbox Plugin

There are several plugins for WordPress, that use Swipebox jQuery plugin. As an original plugin they are all missing a basic functionality, like closing the lightbox on background click and moving to the next image on current slide click. Here’s some JavaScript to fix this problem.
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New Responsive Images in WordPress 4.4 and How to Adjust Them to a Theme.

Since WP version 4.4, if you look into source of your images in i.e. WordPress gallery, you’ll notice a new codes, providing different sources for different screen resolutions.
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Cleaning BuddyPress Activity Streams
BuddyPress activity streams looked too crowded to clients, but I wasn’t able to disable whole activity streams component, because some useful plugins were using it.
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Adding New BuddyPress 2.4 Cover Images to Twenty-Fourteen Child Theme with Active RTL language
New BuddyPress 2.4 has cover images functionality for groups and users. I’ve started to play with it, and saw that images are uploading, but not showing up on refresh. I think it has something to do with child themes functionality and RTL support.
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Internet Explorer Debug is Impossible with Microsoft Edge, but You Still Have IE11 with Emulation Modes After Windows 10 Upgrade

I bet after windows 10 update you’ve checked the new Microsoft Edge browser, and probably went to developer tools to realize that there is no more emulation modes for old IE versions. I was in fury when I saw it, and immediately started checking for a debugging solution, but didn’t found anything good and easy. Then yesterday I’ve realized, Old Internet Explorer is still on my machine with all its emulation modes!
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Media Queries Based on Most Popular Screen Resolutions, 2015

Here’s my list of most popular desktops / laptop screen resolutions media queries to use in CSS. Based on maximum of a resolution minus 1 pixel.
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Fetching Inactive eBay Store Categories or Using Dynamic eBay Menu on Product Templates

When creating a new eBay store and product templates I needed to fetch right URLs for newly created store’s categories. But when they’re empty, I can’t see them on my store listing.

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Fixing Errors on Old Sites After Upgrading PHP Version to PHP5.4

PHP.ini Changes

All this changes should be added to your php.ini file – you must be sure php.ini are in effect and really can change your hosting account settings.


php.ini must be put in full into your site folder, but when you want just to add directives into it, use .user.ini available from php version 5.3

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Import Citations from Google Scholar Manually, but Easily

As already known Google Scholar can’t be imported into WordPress site, it doesn’t provide any API. But individual citations could be exported manually and imported into many different services and plugins. So our goal is to make export and import process easier.

Google Scholar Export

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No Editor Icons, Empty Editor Boxes, Problems with Featured Image Upload in WordPress Back-end Problem

Javascript Problem on WP Backend

I had a problem on some WordPress site’s back-end  with empty meta boxes, no icons in wordpress text editor, featured image uploading lightbox didn’t worked etc. Thank God, there is a solution.
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Disable Input Number Field Arrows from CSS

Browsers are now implementing html5 input fields and ugly arrows appearing inside input type=number fields on different sites. Here’s the code to disable them.
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CSS Transitions

Ok, I need to write down transitions code and its important points for my own use, sorry, everybody already knows :) But need it to be written down here.

So CSS transition typically consist of transition: [CSS property or all] [transition-duration] [transition-timing-effect] [transition-delay];. But all, effect and delay could be omitted.
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Making X Close Button Right and Without Images

Nice Close Button X with Thin Lines I often need to make a close button X for different popups, tooltips etc. The easiest solution is to use × special character that will make a perfect cross ×.

If you don’t use Font Awesome or some glyph icons it’s a perfect and simple solution. You may like to have a cross with a very thin lines, but your cross will look too bold, especially if your main font is bold or the cross is large enough. I’ve found a solution for such a problem.
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Bootstrap 3 CSS Extension for Larger Screen Size Resolutions

Personally I prefer not to use Bootstrap, but sometimes I must work on templates using it. So had to manipulate site’s layout for larger screen resolution on such Bootstrap 3 template. Therefore I had to extend Bootstrap with extra large classes.
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