Word Wrap CSS Code

For responsive design we usually need to prevent long URLs and words from breaking layout on narrow screens. Here’s the CSS to break long words.
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WordPress Menu Items Suddenly Disappeared

I was searching for a long time to resolve a strange problem on several WordPress sites, where menu items were mystically disappear without any cause. Today I’ve realized that all of them have Stealth Publish plugin, which I like very much. But it hasn’t been updated for about half year. So I searched for issues with this plugin and have found that indeed this plugin is leading to weird menu items removal.
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Ebay Templates Coding Guide

Ebay templates coding has some pitfalls, and some research had been made recently to circumvent them. Here’s how to avoid problems with ebay product template coding.
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Site Encoding Siddenly Went Wrong, Response Header Shows Wrong Encoding

Few days ago I’ve noticed that some old sites on my server started to show pages in wrong encoding. I can switch encoding manually for each page, but when following a link I’m getting wrong charset again. This happens even on sites where right proper encoding is explicitly set on each page in meta tag.
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Remove Spacing Between Inline-Block Elements

Inline-block elements in i.e. unordered list will create some spacing between them. Make font-size:0 for the parent element (ul) and add a needed font-size to child elements (li), the spacing will be removed.
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Replace “Read More” Text for Woocommerce Out of Stock Products Listing

Latest updates of WooCommerce had changed the way of how texts on buttons of product category listings were displayed. Text for Add to Cart buttons and texts for variable product links are easy to change with text replace code. But it was hard to find how to change default “Read More” text for products out of stock, but finally I have such snippet.
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New Caching Plugin Gator Cache Compatible with Woocommerce

I like to use Hyper Cache plugin for my WordPress sites. But I recently noticed that it doesn’t work well with Woocommerce shop. Problems with add to cart, remove etc. So instead tried new Gator Cache plugin, and it works well.
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vQmod Script to Modify Core Controllers for OpenCart Theme Template

If you want to add some new texts into OpenCart multilingual theme, you’ll need not only to add it translated to your language files, but also core shop controller files must be modified. But to have a better update compatibility, it is preferred not to modify core files.
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