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CSS Background Transparency, Not Affecting Child Elements

Making backgrounds semi-transparent with RGBa and Explorer filters without any PNG24 images. Just use CSS. Continue reading

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WordPress Speed Optimization

WordPress site optimization plugins speed study. The winners are probably Hyper Cache and DB Cache Reloaded. They can be configured by any user, and had performed good. I’ve tried also W3 Total Cache, WP Super Cache, WP Widget Cache and Quick Cache, but didn’t seen such results, as 2 above. Also W3 Total Cache was not easy to configure. Continue reading

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How to Play Movies from External USB Drive on a DVD Player?

This article explains how to have your DVD with USB functionality to play movies and music from external HD. Main requirements are enough power on your player to power your USB HD, and FAT32 partitions in your USB Hard Drive. Continue reading

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Small Fix for prettyPhoto 3 CSS

IE8 bug in prettyPhoto 3 lightbox jQuery plugin easily fixed in CSS file. Lightbox displayed a horizontal scrollbar in IE8, when open. Other browsers were not affected. Continue reading

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Making Templates for Volusion and Netsuite Comparison

Both packages have advanced editing option, not good enough to produce a decent design and XHTML. You can’t edit whole HTML code of any given page on either. But overall on Volusion you may edit more things then on Netsuite. Let’s make it clear: on both systems you’ll not be able to edit everything you want either way. Continue reading

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WordPress Plugin to Edit Menu Item Names to be Different from Page Title

Page Menu Editor WP Plugin allows to change default long menu item name for a page in WordPress. Pages names can be long, but menu items or buttons can have shorter names then. Continue reading

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jQuery prettyPhoto Plugin for WordPress

This is about WP-prettyPhoto plugin for WordPress. Adds jQuery prettyPhoto lightbox functionality to WP site. Continue reading

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WP-Cycle Slideshow Plugin Enhanced with Next and Previous Buttons

WP-Cycle allows to install a simple slide show by including in a theme file. But it also allows to edit transition effects, timing and images used all from an easy plugin interface. Also allows to put links on slideshow images. Very easy. Continue reading

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