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I checked this program with their signups option, I generated many signups for Anastasia Affiliate Program, but they say there were no sales, so they don’t have to pay me. be sure to read their FAQ before signing up.Especially check this:

Can I earn money for each registration? Yes, you can choose the Per Lead Program and make $5 for each of your clients who registers at Anastasia. Commissions are paid for monthly Registrations after 2% of have made purchases on Anastasia. For example, 100 Registrations in 1 calendar month with 2 separate Registered Members making purchases qualifies affiliates to be paid commission for all 100 Registrations, flat rate.

Will I earn money for orders if I choose Anastasia’s Per Lead Program? No. You will receive commissions only for your clients who register on Anastasia’s websites…,,, and If less than 2% of monthly Registrations make purchases, you will be paid according to Anastasia’s Per Each Order Program.

This is why we’ll not get paid 🙂 They say you must have an American and probably some European traffic from special range of users to have more orders after free signups. So take care if your traffic comes from different sources. Share your knowledge if you ever received any payment from them.

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