Small Fix for prettyPhoto 3 CSS

prettyPhoto is a jQuery lightbox. It support images, videos, flash, YouTube, iframes. It’s a full  media lightbox, and I like it very much.

I found a small bug in its CSS. In IE8 this lightbox produces horizontal scroll bar.
It can be fixed with following code in prettyPhoto.css file.

/* needed for ie8 to delete horizontal scroll */
.pp_overlay {max-width:100%;}

Also in the new version 3 of prettyPhoto there are thumbnails of next pictures inside lightbox content appeared. If we want to retain the old look of the plugin, they can be disabled from CSS by this code:

/*  hides inner gallery thumbs */
.pp_gallery {display:none !important}

P.S. This fix is not needed if you use WP prettyPhoto plugin. Probably the plugin still uses older version.

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3 Responses to Small Fix for prettyPhoto 3 CSS

  1. Matt says:

    Thank you so much! Works perfectly. Great post 🙂

  2. SkiFreak says:

    You do not need to modify the CSS to remove the gallery thumbs.
    You can use the built in method to disable them.

    overlay_gallery: false

  3. Arik says:

    Worked, thanks a lot.

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