GetSimple CMS – Really Easy Basic CMS

Recently I decided to try a really easy basic CMS for a simple site, to have content management. I found GetSimple CMS open source project to suit my needs. It doesn’t have a database and it is very simple to install.

I’ve successfully used it for my client and created MindPharma site and even a Hebrew version of it. Editing GetSimple templates was very easy indeed. I also had used some plugins, like contact form (even translated this to Hebrew), navigation cache, site map and child menu. I also used some jquery plugins to make my slideshow and lightboxes, without using original GetSimple plugins. This CMS gives opportunity to include anything in its templates 🙂

This CMS community is helpful and active (in their forum). They also release updates often. Update process is not automatic yet, but very easy, just overwrite some folders and files. Nice and simple CMS to use for small sites!

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  1. yehuda says:

    I just learned about get simple and likemuch your format. I’m planning to build hebrew/english new site with this cms. You said it simple but I find it a bit confusing . Is it possible for you give me some direction?
    Thanks Yehuda

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