Free Horizontal Drop Down Menu for Prestashop 1.4


Custom styled top menu drop-down.

Prestashop is a good and mostly free open source online shop solution. Here’s the info where to find latest top menu module to use with it.

Go to Julien Breux GitHub download zip file. Unzip and put jbx_menu folder into Prestashop Modules folder. Disable cache and enable Force compile to see the changes, if not done yet.


On back-end Modules install Menu v2.8.6 by Julien Breux module found in Front Office Modules.

Module of Top Menu

Then go to Configure link and configure. Here you may create a custom top link for dropdown categories of products (functionality badly needed for PrestaShop, by default it will be not translatable Home).


Style with CSS. You may create jbx_menu folder in your theme CSS folder, in Modules (/themes/yourtheme/css/modules/jbx_menu/css/superfish-modified.css will be the right location).

Update: It was updated for here, but some problems with it still reported on forum.

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54 Responses to Free Horizontal Drop Down Menu for Prestashop 1.4

  1. Stega says:

    Thanks. I was looking for a drop down option and your post really helped. Regards

  2. suciu says:

    Hi! want to know if it is possible that the “Home” not display categories , only to display the page “home”.Start page.

  3. Burkhalter Pascal says:

    Have PrestaShop version
    I have loaded the module Menu v2.8.6 as decripted in your page.
    But it dot not appear in the back end.
    Any idea?

  4. HD says:

    Have you noticed any problems in the back office? I can’t delete or edit any of the menus I made. I’ve tried uninstalling and deleting it, but when I reinstall, they are still there. I tried downloading again and reinstalling. No luck. To move forward, I need to get those old ones out of there. Any ideas? (There is a trash can and edit icon next to the box that shows the menus, but when I click on them, nothing happens.)


  5. Raj says:

    I cant set dropdown menu at all added subcategory to one of main menu but no luck how to set dropdown menu.

  6. David says:

    Cannot seem to get module to show in admin PrestaShop™
    . Installed folder in modules directory, disabled cache and force compiled, search in modules for menu….no module to install.

  7. Jessica says:

    I had the same problem where the module installed but did not display in the Modules directory. I checked the modules folder and renamed the folder “jbx_menu.” (It had uploaded as jbreux-jbx_menu07d0f.) Once I did that, it showed up and could be configured.

  8. Nice post..i was looking the same. Thanks for sharing

  9. Akula says:

    Thanks for sharing.Nice post. How can I modify the javascript such that all categories show up on hover.Currently an element has to be under the mouse for it to be visible. Thanks

  10. Thanks a lot. It worked on the fly!

  11. dsc says:

    Thank you Jessica!
    Actually just rename jbx_menu-2.8.6 -> jbx_menu, and it works with Prestashop 1.4.9?

  12. Donod says:

    Where I can download this file ? Link is dead !!!

  13. Elena says:

    I like very much this module and I have not found anything other with these characteristics, the problem that after upgradt to 1.5 version, it doesn’t work. Do you know if it exists a version for prestashop 1.5?
    Thank you

    • I think 1.5 already has decent menu module.

    • Elena says:

      Yes, I saw it… but it does not meet my needs. it is not possible to name a menu button as I like, to select only some categories – not all the tree of the selected category, to decide how menu levels can be shown, to configure sub categories for cms buttons. with menu of julien breux I was able to do all this. do you know where can I find it for 1.5 version?
      thank you

    • sorry, I wasn’t able to update to 1.5 yet, so poka chto can’t tell you 🙂 a na site ego net update?

    • Elena says:

      :-)… na saite ne nashla… I have not found it on the site, it is a real pitty that it doesn’t work in 1.5 ((, it was a very good menu

    • Finally I’ve installed Prestashop, so to correct that you’ll have to modify a bit the module file AdminModuleMenu.php. For just delete first line, if you have previous versions, I saw in forums such codes require_once _PS_ADMIN_DIR_ . '/../classes/AdminTab.php'; or require_once _PS_CLASS_DIR_ . 'AdminTab.php';, also notice that search doesn’t work in my version. But I’ll put another search module on top 🙂

  14. Jorge says:

    Hello, I installed the module with jbx_menu folder name. Compile Force enable and disable Cache but when I try to set menu tells me. Tab file can not be found.

    What is the problem?

    PrestaShop ™

    disculpe mi ingles, traductor de google

  15. pedalman says:


    I am not even able to insert my categories and sub-categories. Is there a manual or how-to?

    Could someone please make a blog entry with pictures? 🙂 I am not so savvy…

  16. AppleEater says:

    How do I add RTL support to this module? I want the menu to be left-align in LTR language, and right-align when using RTL language.

  17. cerkoxxl says:

    I used this moduel in PS 1.4.X and works perfect. No I amd unsuccessful to even instal the module v.2.8.6 to PS 1.5. When I copy it to module folder, it does not shows in BO/module and when I tiedy to instal it, it writes “The module jbx_menu-master you uploaded is not a module “.
    DO you advice me, how to get JBX menu module to 1.5?

  18. SexyTobias says:

    I would be so happy to have this nice module in PS1.5.x … without being a coder…

  19. divya says:

    hi i have installed the menu in prestashop 1.5.3.but iam unable to create the menus in it.where can i find the menus prestashop 1.4.9. their was a modules in that we are getting it as menus.and their we can create the menu as we wish but in prestashop 1.5.3 iam unable to see the menus and add the menus.actually i got the same problem with top menu in default theme so started working with this jbx menu but here also iam getting the same problem iam unable to understand where to create the menus.

    • Steve says:

      In 1.5 go Modules >>>>> Modules >>>> and in the full list look for “Top horizontal menu” – enable it (if necessary) and click “Configure”

  20. amy says:

    i have installed this module and everything is working except the “title” field. When I create a new list item with the type “CMS” (or anything else), the Title doesn’t save. I treats it as if I have left the field blank. Basically saves everything BUT the title.

  21. Antonio says:

    Is it working on prestashop Tnx.

  22. wissam says:


    any updates for prestashop 1.5.6?

    Thank you

  23. Can I have the same menu vertically?

  24. Milind says:

    I would like to show sub categories horizontally.
    Please suggest me.
    Thanks And Regards
    Milind Rahangdale

  25. Tatyana says:

    Grand MERCI! And best wishes! Great works in Prestashop 1.6

  26. lester says:

    Is version 1.5 still available for download, a mirror link or something perhaps? I need it to try out something.

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