Internet Explorer Debug is Impossible with Microsoft Edge, but You Still Have IE11 with Emulation Modes After Windows 10 Upgrade

I bet after windows 10 update you’ve checked the new Microsoft Edge browser, and probably went to developer tools to realize that there is no more emulation modes for old IE versions. I was in fury when I saw it, and immediately started checking for a debugging solution, but didn’t found anything good and easy. Then yesterday I’ve realized, Old Internet Explorer is still on my machine with all its emulation modes!

I was looking into new Microsoft Edge browser and suddenly saw this strange link “Open with Internet Explorer”. I thought, it’s weird as usual for MS, and clicked on it.

Microsoft Edge Menu

And suddenly old IE11 opened, with all its developer tools emulation modes! later I’ve seen it is also hidden in your “all apps” menu, inside Windows Accessories.

Windows 10 Windows Accessories with IE11

Thank you, Microsoft 🙄 At least I can debug your precious old browsers now.


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