Google Chrome Web-Safe Font Issue Resolved

Just noticed that Google Chrome browser (version 67-68) is not displaying simple web-safe Verdana font for Hebrew texts on multilingual website. What could be wrong with Verdana?

The solution was simple, but weird. Tt’s a crazy bug! I know that Verdana is installed and it works well for Russian and English, but not for Hebrew for a particular site. Even if it’s somehow damaged for Hebrew and uses sans-serif substitution, what’s the heck with quotes? Theoretically fonts with space in their names must be put in quotes. But as far as I see, it is Verdana that got displayed when I remove quotes from “sans-serif”.

Verdana Hebrew

The original font declaration:

font-familyVerdana, "sans-serif";

It didn’t work when I removing "sans-serif" at all, but works when I’m removing just quotes from "sans-serif"

font-familyVerdana, sans-serif;

Some usual Google weirdness… I love Firefox 🙂

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