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How to Add Accelerated Mobile Pages to WordPress Site

Accelerated Mobile Pages versions are pushed by Google with a promise of better search results ranking. They could be added relatively easily to any WordPress site with the help of official WordPress Automattic plugin. Here’s how to tweak them further on your site and to avoid validation errors in Google Search Console.Continue reading

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AdSense Banned My Sites, What to Do?

I started a survey of ad networks after AdSense banned my account. I thought there are many alternatives, but now I see Google’s totalitarianism in action. Nowhere to go. Anyway have to find a good one. There are many networks left, but most of them are using Google feeds. It means, if AdSense disabled your account they will not show ads thru their partners as well. Some use Yahoo and Bing feeds, but revenue from them is limited to countries where Yahoo has its local search.Continue reading

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