How to Play Movies from External USB Drive on a DVD Player?

I was trying to get my DVD player to play movies from external USB HD, with no results. After some time of searching on the net, I’ve found several requirements for external HD to play my movies.

LaCie Rikiki Go

LaCie Rikiki Go

First: we’ll need a dvd player with USB :) I have LG DV482, pretty simple.

Second: a USB hard drive with not much electricity used. The main problem with DVD players to play USB HD is insufficient power supply from USB source of your DVD player.   I found excellent Lacie USB drive, which gets enough power from my DVD player.

The hard disc must be divided into partitions and formatted with FAT32 to be visible by the player. Partitions must be up to 32GB.

LG video DVD player DV482

LG video DVD player DV482

After some experiments it was obvious that my player supports up to 6 partitions, each by 32GB. Partitions names are not visible, player gives them some other names. But it’s still about 180GB USB storage for music and video. Just need to disable autoplay on my comp, not to have 7 discs popping up.

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5 Responses to How to Play Movies from External USB Drive on a DVD Player?

  1. Crab says:

    Does the same apply for an iMachines DVD – Player??

  2. Mike says:

    Does this work for all players?

  3. venkatesh says:


    I downloaded some video files from internet. I had copied it on my pen drive.
    When iam trying it to open in my Onida dvd player it showing empty folders.

    Can you explain how to open that videos in my DVD player. Please if any one knows reply me.

  4. Mr. Ghosh says:

    I’ve the same problem so kindly help me to solve that kind of problem.

  5. oladejo says:

    pls sir hw can i use my dvd player dv350 usb enable to play video on sd card

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