Enhanced Security HTTP Headers Addition

I’ve recently discovered an opportunity to add enhanced security via HTTP headers, as most big sites do. You can test your headers information with developer tools in any modern browser from the Network tab. There is also a good site that could check your HTTP headers for security. In fact most security headers are very easy to add to your site. Here’s how.
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Custom Transformer Rules Settings when Importing Posts from WordPress as Facebook Instant Articles

Importing posts from WordPress as Facebook Instant Articles (FBIA) is relatively easy. FBIA will show to Facebook mobile app users when you share your posts / pages over the FB networks. Read more about Instant Articles considerations and settings in this post by WebProm. But here I want to show some tweaks possible in Automattic Instant Articles WordPress Plugin.

After you install this plugin, setup guide is written at its settings screen. But the most challenging thing during setup is to avoid and eliminate errors generation when converting WordPress posts into Instant Articles. One must tweak Custom Transformer Rules to remove such errors.
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Remove Some Element From Site for Certain Screen Width with JavaScript / jQuery

I needed to remove some div calling for ads network from mobile website display. I’ve already made it with CSS media queries, but it is better to remove the whole element, because when ads are hidden but loaded, some misunderstanding may occur with these networks.
So here’s some JavaScript I’ve compiled for such task.
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Arconix FAQ Plugin Customization for Better Speed with Autoptimize

Arconix FAQ is a very nice FAQ plugin useful for any WordPress site. It has a good developer support too.
While optimizing my site for better speed in PageSpeed Insights I’ve noticed that when  Autoptimize was switched on for my site, the FAQ page became broken.

Autoptimize is a famous plugin to minify CSS and JavaScript and to optimize their delivery in templates.

I had to add arconix-faq.css into my list of files excluded from optimization in  Autoptimize plugin’s settings.
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Woocommerce: Remove One of Product Dimensions from Frontend

When using shipping settings and advanced shipping plugins with Woocommerce Shop, you will usually have to set your product dimensions on Woocommerce back-end product setting tabs. These dimensions will be displayed on Additional Information tab in many Woocommerce themes.

You may find many examples of code to remove whole set of dimensions from the tab, but it’s hard to find a code snippet to remove only one of product’s dimensions.
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How to Add Accelerated Mobile Pages to WordPress Site

Recently Google announced it will use AMP in its mobile search results. Specs are based on AMP project guidelines. For WordPress there is an official Automattic AMP Plugin which currently adds AMP versions to posts, as well as meta tags for Google to discover such pages.

I’ve added AMP versions to several WordPress sites to see how they work. There is a difference if you want to add such pages to a site with Yoast SEO installed or to a website without Yoast plugin. Here’s what I’ve found and how to add them to different WordPress installations.
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Starting to Think on Redesign of This Blog

I’ve recently redesigned my main website WebProm Design and starting to think on revamping this blog, We’ll see if I’ll have several days to change the look a bit, to make it responsive and better to larger screens. Keep coming back.

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Remove Brackets for Category Counts On Woocommerce Storefront Theme Homepage

Categories Product Count

I wanted to remove brackets for products count on my child theme of Storefront Woothemes theme. I also wanted to add some round background to this counts.
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Replace Woocommerce Breadcrumbs in Storefront Theme with Yoast SEO Breadcrumbs

Regular woocommerce function to disable their breadcrumbs doesn’t work with Storefront theme. Here’s a function to remove them from Storefront and to enable Yoast Seo plugin breadcrumbs, that usually work better and enable more options for customization.
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Bring Back Prestashop Product Page Dynamic Tabs in Default Theme for v.

Prestashop default theme doesn’t have dynamic tabs anymore. Previous Prestashop versions used to have them on product page. Don’t know why they have removed them…  But the JavaScript that made them work is still present in the theme, and is used in some other sections of the site. Though looks like it’s not the latest version of famous idTabs.  Here’s how to put them back to your site.
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Modifying Prestashop Languages for Facebook Page Plugin Module

Prestashop 1.6 Facebook Page plugin module present in default theme is outdated one. Facebook already changed its social plugin code. So I wanted to update it with their new “responsive” feature and to fir it in whole module’s area in default theme, which has 330px width, and Facebook wasn’t filling it from side to side. I also wanted to have Facebook widget to display in a current user’s language available on my shop.
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Adding Background Click Closing and Next Image on Image Click to Swipebox Lightbox Plugin

There are several plugins for WordPress, that use Swipebox jQuery plugin. As an original plugin they are all missing a basic functionality, like closing the lightbox on background click and moving to the next image on current slide click. Here’s some JavaScript to fix this problem.
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